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After all, what maniac would put on something like this for real? The implication is plain: no sphere of activity, however obscure — pipelaying, pedicure, proctology — can escape the competitive frenzy of reality TV. In a loftily patronising introduction, the commentary declared that these people were not seeking to become famous or celebrities. There were two judges, one of whom was renowned butcher Justin Preston from Mayfair. Justin is not a relation of mine, at least not as far as I know, although all Prestons are, it almost goes without saying, Mad for Meat. I must say I started off by thinking that butchery was one of those activities that offered very limited opportunities for creative expression, but how wrong can you be?

BBC Four experiments with AI for night of programming

In the first experiment of its kind, The Year Of Making Love will put the science behind finding love under the microscope. Three experts will use compatibility tests regarded as scientifically robust employed by online dating agencies and other match-making services to create hundreds of brand new couples on day one of the experiment. Once the singletons have met their ‘perfect’ match, the experts – and cameras – will follow the ups and downs of the relationships as they develop over the course of the year.

Will enough couples survive the year to prove the science or will the experience of falling in love remain a mystery? Zai Bennett said: “New relationships are always fascinating, so BBC Three is going to put the science of matchmaking to the test in a major new documentary experiment.

Love Is Blind – Netflix The social dating experiment, Love Is Blind, was a Netflix sensation and has already been Hot Property – BBC Three.

A look back at the series about an experiment to create scientifically-compatible couples in the lab, revisiting those who made it to the end of the year and some that didn’t. A look back at the series about an experiment to create scientifically-compatible couples in the lab, revisiting those who made it to the end of the year and some of those that didn’t.

Why did it work for some, but not for others? The experts also explain how the science of compatibility worked to create all the couples that took part. When we last saw Kirsty and Andrew they were loved up on the beach in Newquay. As the New Year fireworks light up the night sky over the Thames did they go from strength to strength?

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It is not every day that university friends tag you on social media post regarding a BBC Three audition for people who love debating:. How flattering. I knew then, judging by their reaction, I should probably apply. If I were to tell most of my work colleagues, family and friends that I was going to have to travel outside of university life from Lyon to London for a BBC Three audition, they would say I was lying.

But I did, and quite the journey it was; this is my experience from the whole saga of the trip.

We’re looking for single people to take part in a groundbreaking dating experiment. Are you looking for Miss or Mr Right? Would you like to be.

And so begins Phone Swap, a new dating show in which two singletons exchange phones with potential partners. Check your camera roll, add some things to make you look like a better person — meditation sounds, language apps? But alas, it really does appear that the show-makers stopped their charges having a quick blitz … or perhaps Demi just forgot to bin her nudes. BBC3 has been playing with this conceit for a while now, with previous shorts featuring colleagues and family members swapping phones.

In reality, though, this social experiment translates into rifling through porn and texts from exes , and dealing with the odd overly-sentimental date. Because, really, the phones are just another gimmick in what are effectively a set of blind dates. While these twin shows do seem perfect fodder for our constantly tech-craving times, swapping phones may well prove too repetitive a conceit to underpin a long-standing dating programme.

However, as a short, sharp social media experiment it is charming in its way.

Bbc three dating experiment

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Anya 3 episodes, Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo Angela 3 episodes, ​. Janet Mock Senator 2 episodes, Caitlin Kimball Callie 2 episodes.

The network has confirmed that Late Junction will be cut back to one show a week. The two-hour programme, fronted by Verity Sharp, will air on Friday evenings. The move follows protests from hundreds of artists and organisations about the cuts to Radio 3’s “flagship adventurous music show”. The change to Late Junction comes in its 20th anniversary year, and follows the recent launch of the inaugural spin-off festival.

Autumn highlights include Floating Points, with music from his new album, plus first plays from Erland Cooper, Shards and Portico Quartet. In November, a new late-night show will air at midnight and focus on the new and adventurous jazz. A programme title and presenter is yet to be announced. For more stories like this, and to keep up to date with all our market leading news, features and analysis, sign up to receive our daily Morning Briefing newsletter.

Your site will load in 16 seconds. BBC Proms to stage limited season with concerts in final fortnight. BBC Radio 3 to air first live classical broadcasts since lockdown.

BBC Three: Perfect Day by BBC Creative

BBC 3 needs people for brand new TV show about finding your perfect partner. Brand new BBC3 television series currently looking for single men and women to take part. Fever Media and BBC3 are looking for single men and women to take part in a groundbreaking dating experiment! Our experts hope to match up to young couples based on a variety of criteria, including a compatibility test. The show will follow some couples to find out if this science really does work.

Episode 5. 5/6 Nigel and his match Ellisa embark on a whirlwind romance, but is it too much too soon? Episode 4. 4/6 When model Abbie is matched with.

New seasons on race and gender toppling the commissions, along with a social experiment testing what British teenagers understand about rape, a horror-themed format and a drama documentary about a murder. The format, The Fear , is an amateur horror film competition that seeks to unearth then next big horror director. It comes from Studio Lambert and runs to 6x30mins.

The gender season, running in October, comprises Is This Rape? Firecracker Films is attached. It follows a teenage boy targeted by an online predator who become friends through gaming. It is based on the true story of Breck Bednar, a year-old schoolboy murdered after being groomed online.

New BBC Three comedies will air on iPlayer a week before TV

Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. The BBC has revealed that it is to offer additional backing to its online platform, with BBC iPlayer to premiere a selection of shows ahead of their first TV broadcasts.

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Staff Reporter On 21, Feb The channel continues to serve up fresh new stuff every day, both long-form drama, documentary and comedy and short-form content that ranges from animations and clips to interviews and blog posts. This six-part series shows us the realities of life in a predominately African American US high school. The show mixes footage with straight-to-camera interviews to get to the heart of the realities for the students, and the first episode ends with a football match which is straight out of Friday Night Lights, even down to the overlaid commentary, inspirational pep talks, and last-minute touchdowns.

This is a beautifully shot and wonderfully directed documentary, which also examines the problems faced by young black America, in which one high school and its articulate and engaging students act as a microcosm for the US as a whole. Available until: 16th April Episode 1. Having seen Romesh Ranganathan and his mum Shanthi travel to Sri Lanka in a humorous bid to find out where his parents came from, the pair return to our screens for a second season, this time heading west.

Much of the appeal of Season 1 lay in the clash of cultures between first and second generation immigrants and the country they came from. After giving Romesh a piece of wood that has been splintered by gunfire as a souvenir of his time with them, Romesh reminds the viewer of the sort of attitudes bubbling under the surface, a constant underlying subtext which could rear its head at any moment.

Available until: 10th April Episode 1.

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Staged sees David Tennant and Michael Sheen playing themselves. The pandemic has put paid to that, but their director Simon Evans – also playing himself is determined not to let the opportunity pass him by. He knows how big a chance this is for him and turns his attention to cajoling his stars into rehearsing over the internet.

All they need to do is read the first scene, but throughout the series they come up against a multitude of oppositional forces: distraction, boredom, home-schooling and their own egos..

(cover date) [4] “Freema Agyeman confirmed as new companion to BBC. () Retrieved [7] “The Runaway Bride”. Doctor Collinson (). “The Lazarus Experiment”. Doctor Who. Cardiff. BBC.

Five daughters send their mums undercover as year-olds. From dating to working to activism, the mums will be immersed in their world. Can the mums pull off being 21 Again? By living as year-olds once again, will the mums finally be able to understand their daughters better? See all episodes from 21 Again. Timings where shown are from the start of the programme in hours and minutes.

The Year of Making Love

The BBC has today confirmed that all new scripted comedy shows, made for BBC Three, will be shown on the iPlayer portal, a week before they’re broadcast on television. Starting with Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education at the end of August, iPlayer viewers will get a 7-day exclusive window before the episodes arrive on free-to-air television.

The announcement represents the Beeb’s increasing focus on its revolutionary on-demand platform, in the face of stiff competition from the connected services like Lovefilm, Netflix and Sky On Demand.

Fever Media and BBC3 are looking for single men and women to take part in a groundbreaking dating experiment! Our experts hope to match up to young.

The ground-breaking experimental treatment could be the first step towards a cure, but that outcome is unlikely for Mahmoud and Graham. You can unsubscribe at any time. For more information about how we hold your personal data, please see our privacy policy. We follow two leukaemia patients, Graham, 53, and year-old Mahmoud, who have exhausted other treatment options as they take part in the first human trials of a new approach called CAR T-cell therapy. Could kill me.

By Lidia Molina-Whyte. It will air again in January , offering viewers another chance to watch Graham and Mahmoud undergo ground-breaking leukaemia treatment to monitor its side effects — rather than reap its potential health benefits. The documentary follows Mahmoud and Graham, two cancer patients who volunteer as test subjects for CAR T-cell therapy.

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