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Google Glass is a revolutionary piece of wearable technology, offering users never-before-seen features and cutting edge apps. With Google Glass, users can browse the web, visit social media sites, answer calls, get instant information, take pictures and much, much more without lifting a finger. The huge advance in modern technology is already having an impact on military forces and governments, with research into the use of Google Glass for surgeons already under way. Google Glass is wearable technology; essentially a pair of glasses without lenses which instead have a battery powered heads-up display HUD just above the right eye, a microphone, a camera and a GPS. The high resolution display is the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from eight feet away. Google Glass displays information on the screen in a smartphone-like format, and is voice operated. The Glass can carry out a number of tasks, similar to those of a smartphone.

Google Glass

Aim at a building to learn about its history. It seemed like a nice idea. But it never really took off.

Google Glass is Google’s latest product that hails a new generation of tech The Google Glass release date to make the technology available to the public is set third party Google Glass apps, including a New York Times app for delivering.

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You may not charge end users any fees or collect any payments in order to download or access your Glassware, or in connection with virtual goods or functionality of your Glassware. These policies may be revised from time to time without notice. Please check back here for any updates. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. General rules Required privacy policy and other notifications Expressly provide users with your privacy policy and adhere to it for both information you get from the Google Mirror API or GDK about the user and information you get from the user directly.

Far from opening Google Glass to consumers, this decision aims to m. to them, in addition to integrations with many popular mobile apps.

This item in japanese. Feb 10, 2 min read. Sergio De Simone. Far from opening Google Glass to consumers, this decision aims to make it easier to develop specialized enterprise applications based on Google Glass Enterprise Edition. Google’s decision has been driven by developers’ and businesses’ strong demand to access the hardware, the company says, and it will presumably mostly benefit low-budget projects that were unwilling to join the Google Glass partner network.

Google has also published a number of sample applications to help developers to get started developing for Glass.

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Google Glass was ahead of its time. The phenomenon has, however, seen a resurgence among enterprise applications, courtesy of companies like Epson and Microsoft. In May, the company announced the arrival of the second version of its Enterprise Edition of Glass. Today, the headset is available for developers as a direct purchase from a handful of resellers.

The Android-based device, which graduated from X mid last year, looks remarkably like the earliest versions of Glass, albeit with a slightly refined design. There are a few suggestions for potential applications, including card text, imaging samples and QR scanning.

There are several exciting and useful apps available for the Google Glass, such as Google Now which provides up to date travel information including flight.

How do you use your mobile devices? Sure, I like technology. I do use my iPhone 5 almost constantly. I listen to podcasts and fka music all day at work. I text up a storm every 15 minutes? I check my email, Instagram and Facebook every hour or so. I first heard about it about five months ago. I thought it would be a great for app who need to be available all of the parody for work.

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Google Glass future clouded as some early believers lose faith

Glassware refers to Google Glass apps that developers create specifically for the wearable. It’s modeled after the Google Play store and iTunes App Store, only the Glassware app list is less populated at just 64 apps, a very slow uptick from the 37 apps available seven months ago. Even Chromecast has more apps. Ten of these 64 apps were created internally and Google Now is by far the most impressive Glass app. It’s always located one swipe back from the “Okay Glass” home screen with contextual cards for information like the weather, sports teams I follow and directions to places I’ve recently searched for on Google.

If you list your application with Google, ensure that the privacy policy link in your Glassware listing is up to date. Information you may not collect.

According to string-theory advocates, our universe has at least 10 dimensions. But we humans can only directly perceive three spatial dimensions. We also experience the passage of time, a fourth dimension. Beyond that, we only know other dimensions are even possible through theoretical mathematics. Our universe may hold secrets that we will never be able to observe directly.

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Developers Can Now Get Access to Google Glass Enterprise 2

Explore a preview version of Programming Google Glass right now. Google Glass is the new wearable computer everyone’s talking about. It offers a head-mounted optical display and touch interface, and it’s programmable. Kick-start your Glassware development by exploring how users can interface with Glass, developing a Glass application fast by using the Mirror API to manipulate Timeline cards and menus, tracking a Glass’s geolocation, creating rich interactions by responding to user inputs, and capturing or serving user images and videos.

Glass Help. Follow along the tutorials below to learn the ins and outs of Glass or search the Help Center for a Stay up to date by getting the latest software.

Attribution: Matt Brown. Google Glass is meant to free your hands, and as such, voice input is the main source of interaction with Glass apps. Another distinct difference is that because the display is so much smaller than hand-held devices, you have less real estate to work to show information. As a result, user interfaces tend to be plain and simple. Wearables are the future of technology, and Glass is anything but a thing of the past. Install Android Studio by following the instructions in this Android for Beginners tutorial.

When you launch Android Studio for the first time, the main menu will come up. Under Android 4. Deselect everything else. Press Install 2 packages and accept the license for each tool. Once downloading finishes, close out of the SDK manager.

Google Glass App Tutorial

Viddy is a simple way to capture, create and share mobile videos with friends. Record up to 30 second videos right from Glass. Google Glass App and Community. WatchMeTalk WatchMeTalk provides live captioning to help the hearing-impaired in day-to-day conversations. AR Glass for Wikipedia Using the gps, the buy retrieves online data about your surroundings from Wikipedia and displays them in your sight.

Google glasses dating app. How do you use your mobile devices? Sure, I like technology. I do use my iPhone 5 almost constantly. I listen to podcasts and fka.

By Mark Prigg T The Google Glass wearable computer is finally available to selected developers – but can it takes on Apple’s rumoured iWatch? Google Glass is the first wearable computer to hit the streets, and, if rumours are to be believed, will battle the Apple iWatch when it finally goes on sale to the public next year. The first, and ultimately most important thing you need to know about Google Glass is that yes, you’ll look an idiot.

Not just a bit daft, but full-on people giving you pitying looks in the street silly. That aside, and it is without doubt Glass’s biggest issue, the technological side of Glass is fascinating. Putting it on for the first time is an odd experience. It’s really light at 42g, and feels light on your face – much more so than many badly fitted pairs of glasses, in fact. The build quality of Glass is superb, and while the screen is obviously fragile, we managed to drop the unit a couple of times with no damage, and the adjustable frame bends a surprising amount to fit almost any face shape.

Different sized nosepads are supplied along with a sun shield just in case you want to look even more absurd and a carrying case. There’s no disguising the fact you’re wearing Glass, but aesthetically it could have looked a lot worse as pictures of earlier prototypes show. The battery is behind the ear to balance the device – which feels incredibly light when being worn. You can just about get a full day’s use out of the battery, assuming you don’t record too many videos or take part in Google hangouts.

Facial Recognition App Comes To Google Glass

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Google know I’m testing Glass, but I tell them it’s only for e-mail.

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The Googler, who heads up the top-secret lab which developed Glass, has hardly given up on the product — he recently wore his pair to the beach. Google Inc itself has pushed back the Glass roll out to the mass market. While Glass may find some specialized, even lucrative, uses in the workplace, its prospects of becoming a consumer hit in the near future are slim, many developers say.

Connect your Google Glass to Space, Automatic Classic and more. Google Glass is a lightweight frame and display that rests neatly above your eyes and makes exploring and sharing Google Glass; Date & Time Download the IFTTT app.

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