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Fenris would date you because you are good at understanding people without pitying them and treating them as a victim. You may not be an extremely optimistic person, but he doesn’t need you to be. Merill would date you because you are passionate and fun. You would always know how to make her smile. Cullen would date you because you’re fun and exciting, but you also have a good sense of responsibility. Aveline would date you because she sees that you try to do the right thing and falls for your compassionate heart. She’s proud of you for taking care of Kirkwall.

Dragon Age II

If there’s something special that I took away Dragon Age 2, something I really want to share with others or hold up as an example of what made the game worthwhile, it’s Aveline. The travelling companion turned colleague turned captain of the guard was one of the very best examples of a strong, decent, uncompromised and well-rounded female character in gaming in a long, long time.

I’m glad I adventured alongside her, I cared very much about what she had to say and her support meant a lot to me. That’s pretty impressive for a collection of polygons and voice samples.

A collection of Dragon Age 2 media (there may be some overlap with other entries in the series). Please feel free to submit a post!

This has nothing to do with slacking. As such, the below contains information that could spoil the story of the game. It would be madness to say that Dragon Age II is a bad game. Very much so. Absolutely not. Read without bearing this in mind it could look like an overtly negative review. The game gets much right, with some lovely quests, fun chats, interesting characters, and moving stories.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsless Rogue: ‘Dragon Age II”s Isabela

She was fleeing Ostagar with her husband Ser Wesley during the Fifth Blight when they were set upon by darkspawn and rescued by Hawke and their family. Aveline is the first companion Hawke encounters besides their siblings. The daughter of an exiled chevalier, Aveline is not the knight her father wished her to be. Although fully trained in chivalrous combat, she was raised in the shadow of a lost life and will not lose another for the sake of honor.

Protecting her adopted home of Kirkwall becomes a chosen duty, not a privileged calling. The people she stands for will not be wasted on lost causes or protecting the foolish from themselves.

Bioware Games · Dragon Age · Dragon Age 2 · DA2: Story, Campaign and Characters That’s a sad way to finish the relationship with Aveline. To female Hawke on the akward date: “Look, if this was all an attempt to get closer to me Wait, I thought Saemus figures only as a corpse in Act 2, isn’t he?

Ash has been playing “Dragon Age” since the first game’s release. She enjoys exploring and explaining the characters and lore. After years of observing the Dragon Age fandom, it occurs to me that Merrill is probably one of the most misunderstood characters in the series. I don’t really blame the fans, though. I always felt Merrill’s arc could have been written a little better. Far too many of us were scratching our heads, wondering why Marethari had apparently become an asshole and turned the clan against Merrill.

We did not interact with the clan before the demon’s influence, so there was no way to know something was different unless you played a Dalish in Origins, and even then. Other fans simply hated Merrill for looking like she was sixteen and behaving like a child. That’s understandable, I guess. I, too, was turned off by Liara in Mass Effect before I came to “know” her character for the very same reasons.

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Aveline is sweet on Guardsman Donnic and enlists Hawke’s aid in helping her get his attention. The quest activates just before you turn in the Blackpowder Courtesy to the Viscount. Aveline tells Hawke that she needs a favor only they can be trusted with. First she asks them to deliver a package to Guardsman Donnic if Aveline was in the party then she leaves the party.

The Long Road is an Act 2 companion quest for Aveline in Dragon Age II. Aveline is sweet on.

Aveline carries herself as a self-righteous paragon of justice, and so puts her in direct conflict with any potentially law-breaking actions or comments, which include extortion, killing needlessly, or letting a murderer run free. Her presence in the party makes it extremely difficult for you to err on the side of the law and still be able to maintain a strong friendship.

If Varric is in the party, the two constantly butt heads with their polar opposite outlooks. The warrior in Aveline is strong enough to withstand a flurry of punishment from foes, but the woman in Aveline reveals her to be rather meek and oblivious in the ways of love ever since her last days with Wesley. A friendship with Aveline is not hard to attain if you don’t play a real bastard to the very end. She is an honorable woman that demands respect, courtesy, and fairness in all regards, greatly approving any aid to the weak and helpless.

A master of sword and shield and fully clad in battle appropriate armor, Aveline fits the much needed role of a stalwart tank perfectly and is accustomed to bearing the responsibility of keeping her close ones safe from harm, as she had previously done for Wesley.

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Release date: Dragon Age II doesn’t break down doors or revolutionize women My favorite party banter arose between Isabela and Aveline, who are as different as night and day and thus naturally butt heads.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Early Act 2. Badass women work to irritate each other in increasingly inventive ways, while neither is quite willing to admit how hot the other one is. The same pirate that didn’t bother to wear proper pants in public and had the morals of a zealot at times? The same pirate that put her whole city in danger?

Isabela and Aveline have a talk in the Hanged Man. It grows saucy, because neither of them know where else to take it. Even now, even as she knows this can’t last, that she can’t live this way, she wants to scream her love to the sea, to the stars. A night of hard drinking leads Aveline to wake up in a bed in the Hanged Man, with a pounding headache and a certain pirate captain by her side.

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I’m admittedly cynical about the phrase “owns her sexuality. I have listened to the arguments for why Bayonetta , for instance, is empowering and pro-feminine. Some, such as that by my blogmate G. Christopher Williams, are quite well-argued — but I still don’t agree. As a game designed by men and targeted to men as most games are , Bayonetta does not particularly convince me that it is either profeminine or empowering in its cartoonish portrayal of the female figure.

Dragon Age II/Funny Hawke’s response is simply ‘Donnic’ and Aveline moves on. If you let him spend the night with his date, she reveals that her new Anders swinging from a chandelier back at the keep in Dragon Age Awakening.

The majority of the game takes place after the events in DA:O and features new cast as well as some returning characters. It was released on March 8, in North America. The story follows Hawke’s adventures over 10 years. Links to Dragon Age Origins. Depending on the player’s dialogue and choices, Hawke can form either friendships or rivalries with the playable characters.

A Hawke of either gender can also pursue romances with four characters: Merril, Anders, Fenris, and Isabela and, if the player purchased the DLC and is playing as a female Hawke, Sebastian can also be wooed. If Hawke has rivalries with the love interest, their relationship is referred to as a “rivalmance. In March , a user named Bastal posted a long essay on the BioWare Social Network regarding his anger that BioWare neglects the straight male gamer. David Gaider ‘s response was noted for being polite and thoughtful, despite the homophobic tone of the original author.

In April , popular video-game critic Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw wrote his own response on The Escapist , an online magazine, in defense of the gay romance options. In September , a discussion on Tumblr arose after a post regarding sexuality was made on da3prophecies : [4]. A controversy arose when a mod lightening NPC Isabela skin color; see her character page for more information.

Other companion NPCs have been altered as well, including Aveline Vallen , for whom there is a mod to make her appearance more “feminine,” and Anders. An example discussion about these mods can be found on Tumblr :.

Aveline (rivalry + leaving the guards)